Sunday, 21 January 1900 00:00
Sunday, 21 January 1900 00:00
* Llancarfan Society AGM - 7:30PM on the 1st May 2018 in the Village Hall followed by a talk on the Wells of Llancarfan * Llancarfan Society May Day walk is to take place on 7th May at 11:00AM @ Garnllwyd * BBQ at the Fox & Hounds on the 7th May £8.50 in advance £10 on the day - Children £5 *

Last Upadte

The Vale of Glamorgan Council are planning on building a new primary school at Rhoose Point.


They also plan on closing Llancarfan Primary School and bussing the pupils to the new school approximately 5 ½ miles away (about 9 km).


The strange part is, they intend calling the new school, Llancarfan Primary School!


The current Llancarfan village school provides first class education in a peaceful rural setting and has been given a  good with outstanding features classification after the last Ofsted inspection.


We all need to fight to keep Llancarfan Primary School open, after all it’s part of village history and an integral part of the village community.


Please check out www.saveourschool.info where you will find details about how you can support the fight against the plans to close Llancarfan Primary School.

Save Llancarfan Primary School